lauantai 14. tammikuuta 2012

More stitching

Hello There! Sorry for the long blog- silence. Studies takes almost all my time at the moment. That doesn't mean I wouldn't have time to stitch.

Crazyness day 3. I started this "by the sea" sample. Already stitched some seastars.

On. day 4 I tought Im lacking some birtday cards. So I started to stitch one straight away....

I have a habbit to give little gifts to the youngest ones in our family.
This somebunny would look great in a  bag. Dont you agree?

I got so far on day 5.. Bunny years

Day 7. I started some halloweeny stuff. I love autumn and orange and purple and cats.
So it was day to be on FULL MOON.

Day 8. Was a day of the owl.

I hope you like my progress. I shall add more pictures soon with the rest of the crazy january days.

Thank you for visiting

Much love and light

2 kommenttia:

  1. Meri-aiheinen sampleri on erityisen hieno.Tuo Pupu neiti on muistaakseni ihan uusi hahmo "Messy Rabbit".
    Kortteja pitäisi olla aina varastossa,on niin kivaa jos voi antaa ite pistellyn onnittelukortin ystävälle :)

  2. Upea meritähtijuttu, ja tuo pupu on juuri sopiva jollekin suloiselle babylle.